What it is, yo.

Engine management is the single most important thing to consider when bringing together a highly modified vehicle.  Syvecs Engine Management was developed by some very intelligent people who knew that motor sport level electronics would be the most superior way to go.  The trick with modern vehicles today would be integrating this hardware into the vehicle in a way that would allow all other systems in the vehicles to work seamlessly while still providing the superior control needed for peak performance.  The brain trust over at Syvecs did just that in a very powerful way integrating this superior hardware into vehicles like the R35 GTR and various Lamborghini models.

We have used Syvecs products since their debut on the market several years ago and have made some of our most noticeable achievements while using Syvecs ecus.  I consider it to be one of the best engine management systems I have ever used.  There is an incredible amount of access and control, so it is important to have an experienced resource for technical assistance and support.  We have a variety of base maps available for various applications and can point you in the right direction as to what hardware would be best for your project or application.  Give us a call at 440-774-4219 or email us at sales@switzerperformance.com for any inquiries.

-Tym Switzer

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How To Order

We are not taking payments online at the moment.  If you are interested in any products please send us an email, or give us a call as we would like to work with you one on one to make sure you are getting the best possible part for your job.  Listed in the online store are only some of the items we offer.  Other products we provide are customized for specific applications, and the prices listed on the site are for reference only.  We will continue to add more products, so check back periodically.

Fun Stuff To Buy

ECU - General Purpose


S6GP - Knock/TC included



S6Plus - Knock/TC/DBW included



S8C - Knock/TC/DBW included





PDUs / Displays




SDM-300 Dash

Entry Level Motorsport Quality Display


SDM-500 Dash

Smart Dash Display/Logger with on-device Data-log Analysis


SDM-500 Dash + GPS

Smart Dash Display/Logger with GPS & Performance Meter